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hahahaha! I think u got cheated by them...their lemang as far as I am concern its not really cook by the fire. Rather they boil and then just place the lemang on the ember for show....Serious ! I actually saw them did that the last time i bought the lemang just about begining of 2005.


Interesting. I love learning new things by reading the blogs. Great photos on your site.


foodcrazee -- "real" lemang or not I wouldn't say I was cheated. I stopped for a tasty treat and that's what I got. The curries/rendang this guy sells more than make up for a bit of lemang deception, as far as I'm concerned!

Thanks Kalyn, as always, for the compliment!


i love lemang too especially with redang. at least you got yours from fresh from bamboo, i only got mine last ramadhan only in the banana leaf. anyhow, it is yummy!

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