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Chinese New Year is one of my favorite holidays. Sadly, I'm away for college, so I won't be anle to spend the holiday at home (Hawaii), which means no lion dances and none of that good crystalized coconut candy Popo always has. Luckily, though, my mom sent me up a lot of mei chang, which is my favorite chinese sweet. I'd definitely take them over rice-krispies any day!


One of the best Chinese sausages that I've tried (EVER) was from Kuching, in East Malaysia. It was different from the dry, skinny, totally waxed out texture that the ones on the peninsular, that I've tried anyway.

This was sausage was tied up like your typical salami, about an inch in diameter, dark red, meat was slightly juicy when they sliced and served it as cross section chucks. We ate it just like that. That's all I can remember of it since tasting it 15 years ago anyway...


C'mon Vincent, you can't leave a comment like that w/out providing details! If I go to Kuching (definately on the to-do list), where can I find this sausage. Or, what is the sausage called so I can ask a local?


Rempeyek seems like my kind of potato chip!


I would really appreciate it if you would share with me and the rest of the readers the Lap cheong recipe. That is when u can get it from the Mother-in-law. Thank you.

OH yeah I think the red thick and juicy sausages that vincent was talking sounds like siew cheong instead of lap cheong... Siew cheong is like lap cheong but juicer and it is already cooked u can get it from the roast pork stall if that is the one he meant.


I'm interested in ordering a big of rempeyek for myself. Is it possible to get a connect number for her?


I'm interested in ordering a big of rempeyek for myself. Is it possible to get a connect number for her?

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