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I can hardly begin to desribe the pleasure I get from your blog. What better way to survive a cold and cloudy winter in London working in a basement with no windows, going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark than being transported to a different place and being assaulted with so many smells, tastes, textures and colours that you both dish out in every blog.



oh how i love your blog! you bring me back to my childhood-those "big paus" were a treat for me. it was quite the affair opening into one of those with my chopsticks and slowly eating it inside out. my favourite part which i would always leave to the last is the quarter of a hard boiled egg.


Hi Robyn - Yook Woo Hin distinctly rings a bell but for the life of me, can' remember the details. For some reason I seem to remember Damansara Utama - could they also be in the burbs or did they move? I will have to check with my friends who are still in KL.
I have been meaning to ask if you are ever planning a trip to Ipoh (considered to be quite the gourmet destination by many) or Penang? I keep hearing awful rumors that the food in Penang isnt what it used to be...


Hi Mary - maybe they've got a branch? As I understand it they've been at this location for 50 years. Of course we'll get to Ipoh - at some point! Have to make it past Kampar first! ;-) From what the locals say Ipoh and Penang are just as chow-worthy as they ever were....
Melissa - have to admit I couldn't quite choke down the hardboiled egg in this bun ... there was precious little room left in my stomach by that point!
James, oh that does sound horrible. I don't miss winter. Glad I can bring a little brightness into your dark chilly winter!


you make me wonder of being there everytime I read ur posts. thanks

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