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ya, this place shouldn't be missed ! Wonderful energising essence.

My favourite pit stop towards Pangkor/Camerons ! ( There is another clear herbal no less potent & delectable soup version of the same thing 2 or 3 shops away from Nam Chuan, Bangsar, just in case u missed it...)


One look at the duck soup noodle and the "meat salad" and the near 2 hours drive is worth the trip.
Great photo and I too love to eat along these trunk road...so many treasures hiden await to be discover.

Rasa Malaysia

Hey Robyn -

I love their steamed fish balls, steamed soup and and various food souvenirs. I never fail to stop over at this place whenever I head down to KL.

I forgot that Malaysia is 16 hours ahead, but I hope you and Dave have had a great Thanksgiving!

tho tran vietnam

awesome pictures. keep it going man


tonixe -thanks, are you referring to the coffeeshop on the same strip as Nam Chuan? Is the vendor advertising duck noodle?

TehSee, thanks ... have to admit I made myself hungry uploading the photos for this post. :-)

Thanks Bee. We don't celebrate Tgiving in SE Asia ... somehow the wet heat just doesn't spark my appetite for turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings. So I hope you had some pumpkin pie for us! When we're in the US Tgiving is our favorite holiday ... bec, of course, it's all about food!

Tho Tran, thanks very much! We need to get back to Vietnam and give the camera a workout.


Great pictures. Just curious if those pictures with soft edge around the corners were taken by Dave with lens baby?


this duck soup is sold by a woman inside this shop called Chun Heong, a few doors away from Nam Chuan. This shop is quite famous in Bangsar, esp for the pork ball kway tuey in sauce n a pretty lady running the drinks section !


This post brings back a lot of memories. I used to look forward to the stop at Bidor to eat roast duck drumstick with vermicelli. That was in the sixties!


Edward - yes. Dave loves his new lens baby! :-)

toniXe- OK, thanks for the info. Will check it out.

Bayi - that was probably when it was just a single narrow shophouse, before they expanded into the next shop?


Did you get the Shak Kei Ma? Man, brings back memories travelling back to my hometown via the trunk road. That was in the 80's, am not as old as Tonixe ;)

R Khooks

I've just been going through some of your posts and my stomach is seriously rumbling. I'm half malay-chinese and half visited Malaysia a few times. You capture Malaysia and it's food perfectly. Keep up the good work!

Karen Ramsey

I am so glad to find your webpage.I lived in Bidor for a long time.My house is just a few shops from Pun Chun.I love their wonton soup it's the best.Thanks you for your spectacularwork.

Karen Ramsey

I am so glad to find your webpage.I lived in Bidor for a long time.My house is just a few shops from Pun Chun.I love their wonton soup it's the best.Thanks you for your spectacularwork.


are you guys sure you were not asian in your past life? :) i think i eaten the vietnamese verson of this mi vit tiem. i love your pictures, they make me realized malaysian food is clean and meant for magazine gloss.

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