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Fatimah Selera, what a name! "Selera" is the Malay word for appetite.

Looking at the pictures brings out the digestive juices in my tummy. I love the stuffed ikan kembong. I used to eat this occasionally at the canteen next to the Jalan Duta squash courts years ago, downing two fish each time I went there. But I heard the proprietor had a stroke and I wonder if the food is still as good. But Fatimah's other dishes are equally mouth-watering... Ah..those angle beans and okra (eaten raw or cooked in boiling water first?) dipped in sambal. There is only one word for all these. Heavenly!


Now, you're making me hungry...


I'm an expat Indonesian woman who has lived in the US for the past 18 years. I love you blog, but sometimes I think I must be a masochist for reading it. Sheer torture, reminding me of all the good stuff I can't get here. *sniff*


Envy and jealously mixed in with lots of thanks and love for sharing it with us.


There's a whole world of malay (and chinese, indian etc) food stalls that serve excellent dishes during lunch on weekdays in various canteens inside those high-rise buildings in the golden triangle of KL. Where do you think all those office workers go to during lunch - those air-con food courts in the shopping malls? they couldn't afford to every single day. Those canteens have lots of food stalls and are only open for lunch and on working days.

When i was working there i used to visit a different canteen every day and not come back to the same one for days later! One example I can remember is in the basement of the kenanga international bldg, Jln Sultan Ismail. Another is the 8th floor of the multi-storey car park next to menara boustead, Jln Raja Chulan. there's a canteen in almost every office bldg. Go during lunch and ask the guards or office workers that are passing by where they're going. Or just follow the crowd. It's a whole new world.


bayi - have not checked that canteen out. Thanks.

Nasir and Penny - sorry! We'll have an extra fish for you next time. ;-)

Cynthia - you must be a masochist bec you keep coming back for more!

E - of course, it's easy to find Malay food, there's lots out there, but it's not all great (just as not all char kuey teow or appam are created equal). The trick is finding the really wonderful stall, or the one or two wonderful dishes at each stall. Lacking the time to troll every office bldg in KL for that one excellent chicken rendang, we are happy to receive recommendations! (We also most of our blog eating on the wknds, which keeps us away from the office worker traffic, unfortunately).


Ohhh, I have been there and I agree with you. The ikan sumbat, the daging masak lemak and the air jagung is to die for! You are making my mouth water!!!


oh wow! I'm going nuts over the pictures! if only i could reach over and taste every single one!

rasa malaysia

Oh no, I hate to think that Malaysian food is "fusion" (yep, I cringe at the very thought). It could be a fusion of ingredients, but it's not like "Sambal seared pigeon satay with sake tamarind sauce and lotus-leaf wrapped sweet rice gratin...LOL. Plus, it's not that Malaysians wanted to be cosmo, it's just a natural culinary development. :)


Robyn, I can't help myself, I have to come back for more and more! (lo)


Robyn, I really like your work. In fact whenever I travel within the country, I make it a point to sample the food and visit the places you have featured. I'm being picky here but the fish in the first pic is not ikan kembong bit ikan cincaru.


That pecel with wings leaves (daun kecipir in Indonesian)is one of my favourite. Good things, I still can find those wing leaves here.


saved the address in my to go list for future trip to KL...

ps i loved the kustomers part ;-)

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