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Slobbering! My uncle always took us to this one place in Pulau Tikus (if my memory has not failed me) for assam laksa. Nothing can compare in KL. Thank you for the taste memory that your post and pictures brought back.


Slobbering! My uncle always took us to this one place in Pulau Tikus (if my memory has not failed me) for assam laksa. Nothing can compare in KL. Thank you for the taste memory that your post and pictures brought back.


Sounds just like the assam laksa that my mama makes. I am dying to go home to Malaysia, just to eat this on native land again. It's funny what you said about KL Assam Laksa, I've always thought it was slightly on the sweeter side but native KL people just tell me I don't remember what it really tastes like.


She's not the only grumpy old lady in penang who cooks kick ass hawker food. been for the CKT in Lorong Selamat (off Jalan Burma/Macallister)? Middle aged lady with red oversized beret and industrial safety goggles. Long queue and hawker with an attitude


Annie - Pulau Tikus market? We did sample Hokkien mee at the coffee shop there, across from the balai polis.

Karen - if you're mom makes laksa like that you are one lucky girl! Laksa in KL is definately on the sweeter side, IMO.

E - char kuey teow on J Selamat. Check! The same day, about 6pm. I'll be posting it. Yes, she's gnarly, but unlike Aunty she did at least grunt at us. ;-)


Funny you should say that KL assam laksa is on the sweet side - one of my pet peeves is that they put sugar into assam laksa gravy!! A most unfortunate thing indeed. The sweetness should come from the onions and the fish.



Okay. Its official. I now hate you - and no, hate is not too harsh a word to be using...!!

The last couple of blogs have been brilliant guys. Fantastic story and awesome mouth watering pictures. Keep up the good work!

Nate 2.0

Oh, Robyn! You are so *evil*! Tantalizing us with this assam laksa that we cannot hope to grab unless we are there in Penang!

BTW, there is another stall that is my favorite place for assam laksa in Penang, at the Kedai Kopi Genting (sorry, I forget the street name)...is that the one you were originally headed for?

Steamy Kitchen

here is my secret....whenever I see that you have new posts, I save it for a moment when the kids are all in bed and I can have a moment of alone, quiet.... I love looking at your very human photostories and reading about your asian adventures.


Cupcake, we know that in your opinion NO Penang specialty in KL is up to snuff (unless your mom or dad makes it). ;-)

Wai - hurts so good, huh? Thanks, we aim to please.

Nate - must consult my notes (after I polish my devil horns) to see where we were originally headed. But I'll keep your rec in mind for the next trip!

Steamy Kitchen - that's so very nice of you. Thanks. We're glad you like what we do...


You guys are amazing! I am a Malaysia currently working in the US. Your words and pictures have captured not only aroma and taste of the food, but also the essence of our food culture, at first I really thought you guys are Malaysians. Keep it up! Makan kuat kuat ya!

Jennifer Jeffrey

That's one lucky taxi encounter. Love the "gnarly Aunty" reference. I've never had assam laksa before, but it sounds (and looks) wonderful.

Rasa Malaysia

Sorry for the misinformation on my site...sucks that Sar Chiew closed down. Actually my favorite Laksa is not even on my list...it's in an obscure corner of the Bayan Baru suburb.


KS - no we are not Malaysians but we eat like them! Thank you for the highest compliment we could ever receive from a national!

Jennifer - yes, I really should get off my duff and include some recipes with these posts. You'll have to trust me on this one -if you like hot and sour you would love laksa assam.

Rasa - oh, so you're holding out on your readers, are you? Not sharing info on your very favorite laksa and all... ;-)

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