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Argh! kill me now, that looks so heavenly!

Fulltime Mom

I remember this from my younger days..... It was heavenly....


"Good reason to hope for a long-term downturn in the IT industry."

That last comment was so mean!! But accurate. ^_^ I love this blog. For a Malaysian living away from home, it's a life-saver. Keep blogging!

Rasa Malaysia

I love love braised soy sauce hard-boiled eggs and bean curds...they are simply the best with plain white porridge. I tried making them at home but somehow they just don't taste the same.


Nate, Fulltime Mom - yes, this was an excellent find.

Nisha - kidding, of course! Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoy it.

Rasa - I agree re: homemade versions. Never quite as tasty. I wonder what the secret is (can you get really good tofu in CA?).


I'm going back to Malacca tomorrow to go taste this. We've been eating there since I was a kid, so yes, the food is a yummy as the picture shows. :)

Keep up the good stuff :)

Fulltime Mom's Brother :P


May I know how to get there? I'm thinking of include it in my food hunting in the coming trip to Melaka.


sarah & gan

oh wow, this posting brought back some of my best memory from childhood. this was "kali peng" as i knew it when i grew up. even when i was a kid, i loved that there's always 2 versions to choose whenever i had breakfast at the old jonker street location (now host to the geographer cafe). there's the spicy and the non spicy version when you have a meal here, the non spicy being the soy sauce pork (tau yiu bak) with rice, and later, they started serving hainanese style chicken as well. the highlight for me was always the soy sauce soaked tao pok and the sang chang bak. the kopi peng in the old kopitiam was pretty decent as well. thanks for the posting.. well written piece on the mix-up of the culture and the food.


sarah and gan - it's rare that we get comments on such old posts. and we'd almost forgotten about this place. Thanks for reminding us....

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