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I think I was born in the wrong country. That soup looks fantastic, and I have a serious desire from some charcoal grilled pork-anything now.


You got that right, hotel breakfasts suck. I eagerly await the day when a friendly butler wheels a breakfast cart into my room and reveals from under a silver cloche, a steaming hot bowl of khoy teow nahm. Instead of the ubiquitous corn flakes and fried eggs!


Kevin - Perfectly put - 'charcoal grilled pork-anything'. Breakfast of champs!

Luke - we obviously share a dream, which will likely never come true.


I did come close at the Porn Ping Tower hotel in Chiang Mai. Khao tom muu, khao man gai as well as deep fried dough sticks (yong tao fuu?) were all on offer at the breakfast buffet. Still, I much prefer going to a hawker. Just round the corner from that hotel is probably the best restaurant in Chiang Mai for fish ball noodles, and a cold oolong cha.

Nate 2.0

Oh man that koay teow th'ng looks great. I totally understand about hotel breakfasts. They're so lame compared to what can be found in the alley just outside the hotel door.


The pork is actually naem, not sai krok! Slightly different entities...

Kopi Dunia

Nice photos and it makes me sooo hungry. Want to fly back today :-) But I have to disagree with you on one point: I do love that 3in1 Nes-crap-e stuff :-)

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