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Those are moments where cameras are not normally clicking - a big regret of mine when traveling. Cool to have captured a moment like that.


Kevin - the advantage of being a writer who's never far from a photographer. Division of duties. ;-)


I wonder if the helmeted man was referring to the Equatorial Hotel's Blue Moon, a place frequented by the well-heeled middle class with a penchant for jazzy music.



wow, two great finds in one place. Actually, the trombone player is much more interesting than the lemongrass-like herb. You can see him transported back to that club in KL. His smile as he finishes is priceless.

Thanks for taking us along with you to Bidor!

economy rice

that's my mum's hometown!! my family used to travel up to Bidor from Singapore almost every year, until my grand parents passed away. mum loves petai, but i hated shelling them cos every so often there's a worm inside :S i'm overseas now, this entry really brings on a tsunami of homesickness plus childhood memories. the helmeted trombone player completes the picture. thank you for the vivid sketch of Bidor..


Oh Robyn -- your last two posts brought a lump to my throat. You and Dave not only convey the deliciousness of the foods you encounter, but depth of human feeling as well. Thank you.


bayi - could be. I would love to somehow have a glimpse of KL back then....

Nate - I agree .. but, being always on the lookout for new ingredients, we had to include the mystery herb!

economy rice - you're welcome. glad we could transport you back to Bidor, even if only for a moment.

Jennifer - you're welcome, and thanks for 'getting it'.


you make me want to pack up and meet you in the market with strange men.


The photos on your blog are always of superb quality, but the petai photo in Bidor, the colour, the framing, everything, can't find enough superlatives to describe it. I was mesmerised - could stare at it all day.

Voted for this blog - was sorry to hear you say it didn't stand a chance of winning, am sure you know best, but I think it is the best blog I have ever seen, and not just in terms of food blogs either.

And thank you for keeping the std so high, both in text and photos, and for always managing that perfect balance between incredible warmth, and great professionalism.



Jess - hmmm. I don't think that quite comes out how you meant it. But thank you!

Lisa - your comment makes our day. Thank you. RE: my observation about our chances - what I mean is, fans of blogs tend to vote for the blogs they love, so the outcome is usually predictable. So if one of our 'competitors' draws 15,000 visits a day to our measly low thousands, they are likely to win. In that sense, some of these contests are really little more than popularity contests. What makes this one different though, is that nominations are by a panel of judges who (presumably) choosed based on the merits, rather than popularity, of the blog. So, in that sense, the nomination is the real reward for us. Winning isn't really important - esp. if the nomination has introduced our blog to new readers.
Thanks again for your kind words.

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