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Nate @ House of Annie

Beautiful meal! Can we ever hope to replicate these flavors outside of China?


is chengde and chengdu same? been to chengde during a trip to beijing last time..


ahh...beautiful post. Thank you.


Hole-in-the-wall eateries are always close to my heart. Nothing pretentious just simple good food.


The food photography is, as always, stunning...but that portrait took my breath away!


I think Dave's next project should be portraits of cooks (and their hands).
There's a jiacang canting near the middle school around the corner from my office. A husband and wife do the cooking, I feel treasured when I eat there. There's always soup, vegetables, a meat dish (sometimes oyster pancakes), rice. Most days I don't spend more than the equivalent of $1.30 a meal. I'm going to miss them when I move.


Great post. Beautifully photograhed.


Any chance you can put up some kind of map to this place?

Amie Chan

I am so glad to read your articles about Sichuan food.
It is hard to believe that you exactly find what we usually eat in Chengdu.
When I was living in the Youth Hostel in Chengdu, I was always surprised to see some foreigners go to the old street and try some local food. They really made good choice.
You are absolutely right about searching food around the college area. You know the food there will be cost friendly for the students and also with good taste.
I find that sometimes foreigners can find better food when they travel because they do search and they think about things. Asking some local people to take you to the place where they usually go to eat will be a truly good choice.

I love the way you shoot food and shoot people.
I used to work in Corbis Beijing and I read lots of good photos everyday. Your photos caught my eyes at the first place. What attracts me in your photos is the soul I see from them.
You photos look so natural and beautiful. The people in the photos look so nice. They make me feel the world in connected by food.

I really appreciate your work:- )


Thanks for the kind words, Amie! Food has always been the doorway for us to meet people. Once you make that connection the rest pretty much comes easy.

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