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Life 2.0

Your series of posts have convinced me to put Chengu on the list of places to visit in China. Ruth Reichl's cooking schools series on PBS also convinced to me visit Yangshuo Cooking School in Yangshuo, Guangxi Province.

Life 2.0


Love your blog! The cookies looks yummy!


Oh, yum. I wish I could summon these off the web page! Modern technology, how you've failed us.


I miss China and a great set of photos you have posted. =)

For the Life 2.0 commenter, I've done the Yangshuo Cooking School. Great time.

Hope you don't mind me posting a link.


Life - Chengdu is well worth a visit. It has its own vibe.

Andrea - I agree (on the modern tech part).

eatdinknbmerry and jill -- thanks!

lisa in toronto

I agree - I feel lucky to have tried the monastery tea garden a few times myself.
We saw people having their ears cleaned by monks there.
My favourite Chengdu tea is the green one that looks like bamboo shoot tips. I think it is called zhuyeqing.
I have had some good meals at the vegetarian restaurant there too.
I wish I could spend more time in Chengdu!
thanks for the post
Lisa R-R


Brilliant photographs + amazing food writing = almost there.

Love your blog.


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