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Snippets of Thyme

Wow. That was one meaty article in Saveur. The photos are just fantastic. The faces of the people seem so kind and open.


I want some of those yemas now. Classic!

Perhaps add a few pastillas de ube (purple yam) and pastillas de leche (water buffalo milk).

And don't forget the piece de resistance for Christmas: tocino del cielo, literally means Bacon from Heaven. And it's not flan, mind you.

Here's a couple of links for the recipe and both good read too. Perhaps you may want to try it for Christmas.



the food dude

So glad you liked the yemas, I've heard some people here created a cake based on yemas, I should try that out. Great photo!


Yemas or no yemas, have a Merry Christmas!


I love the article in Saveur! The photographs are really beautiful. Inspired by bloggers like yourself, I have begun writing my own blog about food. I am a chef who left the UK three years ago to live and work in the South of France. My blog basically talks about my french food adventures. I would be very grateful if you could have a look and tell me what you think... www.northbysudouest.blogspot.com keep blogging and taking fantastic photos! Thanks nbso

Pooja Singh

Can i have one those candies please? They are looking so yummy.


Wishing you a New Year filled with bright new beginnings. Happy New Year!

Tamilnadu Tourism

Those candies in their colourful covers are really very tempting!!


Loved your article and photos! Happy New Year!
Judit & Corina


Snippets - Thank you. It remains one of our favorites, and we had such an amazing experience in Arayat. Filipinos are wonderfully generous folks.

Thanks Marc -- If I had my choice it would be the empanada recipe in the article for Xmas breakfast ... along with tsokolate with carabao milk. :-)

food dude -- now that would be a cake to seek out!

Happy New Year to you Bertl (I'm too late for Xmas).

babe_kl, Judit and Corina -- same to you. Here's to much deliciousness in 2012!

D Murphy

They look fabulous! So festive:) Happy New Year:)

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