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On the contrary, I was actually expecting that Samui will be like another Phuket, Krabi or even Langkawi for that matter.
Never been to the island but has always been stashing that thought at the back of mind.


Great article Robyn.


Meh.. you don't love Samui.. but I do..I am now wondering when will I get the next chance to taste the Samui? Thanks


Robyn, great great article. Will be there in mid Dec and can't wait to try your recommendation. With a toddler in tow, not sure if I'll be able to be eat at those places (sigh) but will check out the first one for sure. I hated Phuket but thought Phuket town was lovely as it's like a little George Town. Don't have high expectation on Samui but would be an interesting first trip for me...


Agree with your assessment about Samui, Robyn. It wasn't for us either. One stand-out bite I had on our first morning was from a grill-cart peddling garlicky BBQ pork wrapped in banana leaves. Sounds awful as a breakfast option, but it worked.


Having spent a lot of childhood holidays in Koh Samui I'm sad, but unsurprised to hear about it's touristification (that's not a word, is it?) That food looks great though.

Katey W

Actually if you don't want to stay in a resort, there are apartments that are more homey and better located. Previously in Koh Samui I stayed at an apartment I found through roomorama, and my host was very welcoming. He went the extra mile to make me feel at home, despite the language barrier :) I really love Thailand, the people are so nice there!

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