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True fact about Opet. Had no idea it was owned by a woman. I have gone back and praised the gas station staff for the clean toilets.


Greetings from Turkey!
Here another fact comes:
You can try the restourants or small shop which the truck drivers use. Believe me, you won't be upset about foods.

Heidi Witzka

I'm longing for road tripping Turkey. Everybody is warning me, especially Turks, hahaha, but I was sure it is nonsense. I drove a car in Istanbul and LOVED it :)
Thanks so much for all these tips!

thyme (sarah)

Wonderful article about many questions that have been floating in my mind. We wondered if we would regret not getting out of Istanbul and heading into the countryside. I've avoided using the train system in Europe because I usually have one foot dragging outside of the car waiting to spring out on a whim. My husband loved the pace we took in the city...lots of long people watching tea/beer breaks for us. It was just wonderful. I hope there is a countryside rental car drive in our future!


Hi Sarah - I guess this post would be more for repeat visitors (or serial visitors) to Turkey. I think for a first visit, especially one less than 2 wks, Istanbul is where you should be. I'm still getting to know the city after so many long stays. So I think your decision to spend your time only in the city was spot-on.
If you decide to road-trip Turkey I think the Aegean area is a nice, gentle intro. You would love it and I'm happy to help with an itinerary if you ever decide to do it!


I would love to road trip through Turkey. A friend of mine did it a few years back and absolutely loved it. She reckon it changed her life! I would love to experience it for myself.


Great article! I just came back from Spain (Galecia) where I rented a car and I found that it was so much more enjoyable because I was able to go to small beautiful towns. I'm planning on going to Turkey in a couple months and was thinking of doing the same so I'm so glad I found your article.

I also submitted this awesomeness to to share the love :)


"a lake somewhere between Kusadasi and Bodrum"
that lake should be "Bafa".really nice article.thanks


Spencer -- as Nike says: Just do it!

Thank you Belinda! I hope you did end up driving in Turkey.

Thanks Manas, for the heads up.

Netty Curry

Thank you for your tips. I live in Turkey (Aegean) and you have inspired me to take trips further afield in my car than I have done in the last few years. There is so many places that I want to visit, experience the culture and 'see' the beautiful surroundings. Whilst public transport, which I have used on many occasions fits the bill in many cases, I wanted to go to out-of-the-way places too, now perhaps I will if I drive there !!


Hello Netty, That's wonderful to know that we've inspired you to investigate Turkey further in your own wheels. Thanks so much for your comment. Robyn

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