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This makes me want to go to Vietnam just to eat. :)

Richard Sintchak

What a great post. Thank you!

Matt Gross

Drooling! Grilled pork made my life complete in Saigon. There's a very good bun thit nuong spot on the "northeast" corner(ish) of Cach Mang Thanh Tam and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai.

For com suon nuong, there's a mini-chain called Kieu Giang that was once pretty impressive—anyone know if they've kept up quality?



I love that dish. Andrea Nguyen's recipe is so good. I couldn't believe I made it at home -- broiled in the oven, no less. http://seattletallpoppy.blogspot.com/2011/01/feasting-at-bing-national-tailgate.html


I love that dish. Andrea Nguyen's recipe is so good. I couldn't believe I made it at home -- broiled in the oven, no less. http://www.vietworldkitchen.com/blog/2009/04/vietnamese-restaurantstyle-grilled-lemongrass-pork-thit-heo-nuong-xa.html


Oh lalala! I think I need to get myself a marinade recipe of that porkchop (and maybe a charcoal grill). we are currently obssesed with porkchop after a bit of a drought from our stint in Dubai.

Kyle Harper

Thanks a lot for sharing! the grilled pork looks extremely delicious


We are lucky in Vietnam. We have many delicious dishes to eat.


That first photo is insanely tasty!!! :)
Thanks to Traca for the recipe link.

Carol Berry

My mouth is watering just by taking a look at the pictures! Off to Vietman this year!


I love street food and I love pork. Perfect combination here !

Andy | Food Smok'r

Thank you for helping me remember my fond memories when I was in Vietnam! It is definitely a must try especially the stall at Ben Than Market!

Alice Phillips

Where have u disappeared to? Miss the posts.


Hi Alice -- thank you! That is nice to hear. We've been traveling in the USA/Mexico the last 5 wks and betw family/work it's hard to keep up with the posts. Just got back to Penang. We'll have a post up by the end of the week I hope.
Even when we're traveling we are always -- well, sometimes often and sometime occasionally -- posting updates/photos on our FB page.
Thanks for asking after us.

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