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Erkut OZEN

Hi from Turkey.. Thanks for beauty photos! "Pile of goats on the road to Malatya, Turkey" is very beautyfull. I like it!
Good Luck!


Erkut -- thanks for looking, and for your comment!

dena ross

welcome back to New Mexico! some of NM seems like interior Turkey - high, and dry. Maybe the goats would be happy here? The lead goat with the hair-do is a beauty! Dena, Santa Fe NM


Hi Dena! Hope you are both well. We're back in Penang now. NM seems like it was a dream. And yes -- there are very NM-like landscapes in certain parts of Turkey -- rivers and poplars and buttes and those multi-coloured rock faces, tumbleweeds and dry almost-deserty plains and plateaus.

Paul Adair

Will be interested in your write up of Cambodia trip. Where did you visit?

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