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Nils F.

My Name is Nils Fechner (Germany). I like food-travel-blogs and about yours i especially like the pictures. Actually i stay in South orea for almost 8 months. I took a lot of pictures and would like to present them online on my blog (which i will create and launch in 2017 when i went back to Germany) i can share my experiences about Korea with other people who might like to travel to this country. Sadly i am relatively new to the art of photography ...and customizing pictures is a whole new are for me too. I have to confess..that about Gimp/Lightroom/Photoshop my ability is zero ..but i kind of fall in love with some of your pictures. I would like to ask u how the filters or the kind of customizations of following pictures (see links) are called. I really like that kind of style and the way u turn ur pictures into something them that lifelike the viewer of the sence is soaked into that depictured situation. very nice ..i like :)

i would appreciate if u could answer me.

Sincerely yours, Nils :)

(sorry for my bad English...i have to improve it... but i hope u can understand my request.)

David Hagerman

HI Nils, Dave the photographer on EatingAsia here. I really don't do much to my photos. A little contrast boost and I add some black in Photoshop but otherwise they are right out of the camera.

For more you can follow me on Instagram @davehagerman

I also do photography workshops so stay tuned to eatingasia for announcements. I plan to hold one in Europe May, 2016 which might be just right for you.

Thanks for the kind words.


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