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What a lovely blog, I've linked you, hope it's ok! Welcome to Malaysia! :) Btw, there's a good rojak stall in SS15, Subang Jaya too (opposite the Shell Station) where people queue for hours just to get their rojak. Worth a try!


(a) you are a food junkie!
(b) don't hate me, but I got tagged for another meme and I'm tagging you again. You have to tag 5 people -- that's a lot! -- so you're stuck. If you don't do it I'll forgive you though. I just didn't want 877 years of bad luck...


Hi Sue, thanks for the compliment (Dave thanks you too, since the photos are his work). All my posts are old hat to you Malaysians, but it's all (deliciously) new to me -- very excited to be here! Thanks for linking me.
The rojak stall on SS15 -- is it Indian or Penang? Will try to check it out ... still learning my way around KL. :-)

Catherine -- talk about the pot calling the kettle black! (the food junkie part). The meme -- let me think about it. Seems a little early in my blog "career" to get intro/retrospective..... Thanks for tagging me!


Hi Robyn, the rojak in SS15 is definitely Indian with all the crispy crunchy stuff! :) Somehow nothing here beats Penang fruit rojak from Gurney Drive in Penang!


Sue, very cruel of you to mention Gurney Drive when I have no trip to Penang planned in my near future! There's one guy doing grilled fish in the banana leaf with sambal, in front of an old house with other vendors... you know that one?


Hmmm, ais cendol! Some of those antique ice shavers are certaionly very beautiful and very collectible. When I was in Phnom Penh, I was really tempted to lug one of these monsters home to Chicago with me. Not that I would ever really USE it, I'd just show it off. ;0)

Re: rojak I love to have jambu (rose apple) in mine.


oh god, am trawling through your archives in search of virtual comfort food on this cold rainy morning.

if you ever find yourself in PJ, try the indian rojak stall opposite taman bahagia LRT station (close to SMK Seapark). love the stuff. i also have a soft spot for the one in SS15, referenced above, with fond memories of sitting on the curb, sharing a plate of this & a bowl of the ice cold cendol with a friend, under the shade of trees.


Bagus... sapada good.

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