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Great answer to a tough question! That fish looks might tasty, and I have to say, for someone who describes wine as "a sharp, crisp, delightfully uncomplicated fruit-forward chardonnay with nary a trace of vanilla and the dreaded (by me, when it comes to white wines) oak" you don't strike me as a neophyte...which makes you either modest, or a liar :)


hello robyn! i am happy to find out your name :) i'd added you to my list of asian women's food blogs (http://scentofgreenbananas.blogspot.com/2004/12/how-many.html), even though i didn't know your name, and i wasn't sure if you are asian (in that case it would be a women's asian food blog, close enough). i'll rectify the entry soon, as well reply regarding the meme soon. thanks for tagging me!


Hi Santos -- thanks for adding me to the list. I'm not Asian ... but I eat like one, is that close enough? ;-) Have fun with the meme!


Catherine, didn't I mention in the post that my description came off the back of the bottle? ;-) I'll accept modest as a descriptive, and flattery will get you everywhere!


Hi Robyn,
Great post and thanks for adding to the meme. I've added links & trackback. Cheers, beau

ben young

Dear sir / madam

I am doing a project in school and would much like use of your filekuala selangor surprise dfish. It would vastly benefit me in my education

Yours sincerely
Ben Young

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