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Interesting. I flit between Jap-joints, but haven't checked this one out thus far. I'm liking Totoya on Le Thanh Ton at the mo, although I know it's not the world's greatest, I do like their clams in sake. I stuck it up on flickr.com somewhere. haven't blogged it.

IMO, Vietnam's oysters, and any tropical oysters for that matter, are way too fat to be eaten raw. Baked, grileld or whatever is fine. But, if it's raw and taste I'm after I have to hit the northern hemisphere, France or UK works for me.


pieman, I'm with you on the oyster front -- much prefer cold water ie northwestern US coastal oysters to tropical ones. These are, however, surprisingly tasty if perhaps a bit of a mouthful. The garnish and dipping sauce send them over the top.
If you want to bake, grill, or whatever some oysters in Saigon I know that Mrs. K Cafe will sell you some, with advance notice. She's quite accomodating. Oyster stew, perhaps?


That's worth knowing. Oyster chowder might well work. However, I will go and try this joint next time we need a Japanese fix.

Talking of northerly oysters. I was talking to a writer recently who did a story on someone who has reintroduced the 'famous' New York oyster. Will try and find it and email it to you.

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