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We just use normal garlic and light soya sauce but it's pretty darn good when skin gets all crispy, the garlic caramelises and all that porky oil melds together with the soya sauce. Yummm!!!


Hi Robyn
It must be Siu Yok (Shao Rou in mandarin) that you were referring to, & not char siu.
There's a stall right outside Swiss-Inn in Jalan Sultan near Petaling St. that sells that dish as well. The trouble is the proprietor only starts business at 11pm at night.


Thanks Edward -- of course, I should have realized it's nothing like the pork in a char siu bao.
11pm? Ugh, don't know if I'll ever make it to that stall, but it's tempting....


We like the siew yoke from Tengkat Tung Shin. But my brother and father swear the best version they've come across is in Cheras in a food centre near Shamelin- trouble is, the operator has no fixed stall or permanent place or fixed operating hours.

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