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That sounds amazingly delicious. I wish I could get that here!


Aha! Foodfirst has barely started her blog but has already dipped her toes into the world of Asian rice cakes! Why, one can write an entire encyclopaedia on this topic-encompassing everything from the south Indian idlis or jaggery and cardamom-scented appams, the Keralan puttus to the puto maya and puto bumbong of the Philippines, which is made with black (purple) rice called pirurutong, cooked inside a bamboo tube and enjoyed after midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

Robyn, I expect to hear more from you about this topic!!!


RST, as usual your expectations are dauntingly high! We have spied idlis idling away in streetside steamers here, and just yesterday I came across a slide of a putu piring-like treat we had in Bali. Much exploring to do in this realm, obviously!

Robyn -- the only one I've encountered that spells her (his? when I was a kid I was always made fun of for having a boy's name) name like mine -- thanks for visiting the blog!


i used to live in a small village in Borneo called Gunung Sari. I think it was close to Balikpapan. Recently, I finished a short video diary of my childhood experience with the neighborhood putu man - he would walk through our village with various cooking utensils to prepare the putu right on our doorstep in the early evenings.

I posted it here:


Great to see a blog about Malaysian/Indonesian culture through it's food.

keep up the blogging!



Morgan - thanks for the link, will check it out. I would love to get to Indonesian Borneo one of these days....

julie  santos

i would like to make putu. i need help in finding the mold for it.please help


Julie - the molds are sometimes sold in stores with kitchen equipment here in Malaysia. I have no idea how to source it from overseas, sorry.

Mohamad hambami

Mai masuk kursus saya , saya ajar bagimana nak buat putupiring

Mohamad hambami

ini blog saya www.putupiring.blogspot.com


if you can believe it putu piring is my favourite malaysia food of all time. When i used to stay with my grandmother in PJ, the putu piring man would make an appearance every so often. And as usual i would gorge myself on it. However the last time i found a road side stall it was in malacca. Ive got relatives in Bangsar that tell me a putu piring lady sometimes appears at the shops opposite bangar shopping village (cant rememeber the name off the top of my head sorry). You wouldnt happen to know the days they appear or any other places that sell it? If you do please email

Ahmmaed Harun

Hello guys,

I'm selling Putu Piring Halba (Fenugreek Putu Piring) here in Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan, Pahang. Well, it might sound kinda spicy but trust me the spices are just there as preservatives. Traditional and authentic recipe from the East Coast. You can check it out from my Facebook page "harumsarifoods". Well its all in Bahasa but the pictures will tell you all the things you need to know. I'm not here to brag but its quite famous here since my family have been selling em since 1989.

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