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Patrick Wong

Congratulations on finding this restaurant.My first visit was three years ago and I remember a bowl of noodles was RM8.00. I understand that it has gone up to RM 12.00.There are at least 2 branch outlets that I know of, one in Subang Jaya which I patronised 2 years ago and the other one in SS2, PJ.Both these outlets are airconditioned. I am a self proclaimed afficiando of curry laksa and your posting here reminds me that I must add Yu Ai to my 'must have' list when I come back for a visit at the end of this month.


Sounds like a restaurant to visit again. I love the photo shots.



Ahhh, I am glad you discovered this place. Do you know it took them almost a year and a bit after starting to come up with the Yu Ai name? They used to exist with just a banner announcing seafood noodles and we used to just call it that Segambut seafood noodles place.


Yum yum. One of my fave places for seafood noodles, and I didn't know it was called Yu Ai! My fave dish is the koay teow "kon-lo" style. The koay teow is blanched and then some dark soya sauce and garlic oil is stirred into it The soup (I normally have clear soup) is served in a separate bowl with the seafood in it.


Wow! It looks so so good! I've never tried it! Segambut's too far to go! Is there one in Subang? Where?!


So Patrick, if you're an afficianado of curry noodles ... where else do you like to eat them in KL? Our 2 bowls of noodles + 2 grass jelly drinks were RM 29, BTW (we got "big" bowls ... not worth it really, as the extra was mostly broth that I couldn't finish, but same amount of solid goodies as regular bowl, I think).

Segambut's too far? You're in KL, aren't you Sue? (no distance is too far when the food is fine, is my motto)

So folks -- was hoping sb. would jump in with the name of those dried noodles. Anyone?


The dried noodles which look like little pale brown nests? They are called "yee meen", I think.


Patrick wong

Robyn,I have been away for so many years that I have lost touch with the really good curry noodle places in KL/PJ.I make it a point to have laksa on every visit but have not come across one that really stands out.If I chance upon a really good one on my next visit I will surely let you know.
BTW I also like the curry noodles using the wanton type noodles(somewhat like angel hair pasta).The restaurant that is well known this this version is Ho Weng Kee, originally from Petaling Street in China Town but has a branch in SS2 in PJ.


Ok, gotta hand it to Dave, he can make 2 banged-up, greasy, dirty aluminium pots on an even dirtier stove look artistic!

There's another place near Sri Kembangan (off the North-South highway heading towards the south) called Jemput Makan (translates to Invitation to Eat) that does a different style of seafood noodles - just your choice of seafood (... or pork) and noodles in a clear broth with lots of julienned ginger, a dash of chinese wine and lots of cilantro served with a dipping sauce of freshly cut chillied and soy sauce.


Shiewie -- not "banged up, greasy, dirty" pots but "well-loved and oft-used" pots. More poetic. ;-)
Yes, OK, this other place sounds worth checking out. Will add to the list.....


Can someone tell me the address of the SS2 branch please. Would very much like to try.


i missed their tom yam noodles!!!


look at those pots! that's where all the good flavor is!! I'll definitely hit this spot next time I'm in KL....


SS2 branch is at 58 Jalan SS2/10, 47300 PJ (11am-9pm)


HI...can anybody tell me where the Subang branch is? I live in Subang, but I only know the other 2 joints...pls...i'm addicted to the stuff!

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