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Arrgh! Just when I thought I should look at your blog AFTER lunch instead of when I'm starving! Just had a look at the nasi biryani, and now I'm starving ... Looks really yummy.



Your photos look beautiful! :)

al campbell

What a beautiful website - really well done.

al campbell

What a beautiful website - really well done.


HI sir
I do have some questions reg dum biryani when we add the rice to marinated chicken keep the lid closed to give dum to biryani doesent it stick to pan can u help me not to get the biryani rice stick to the pan

thanking you


Hey robyn so glad you sent me this link. The biryani looks quit authentic and your desription of it more perfect than most indians could. To think that the hyderabadi biryani was actually cooked in KL and written about by an American here....hats off to the dish and writer

Fattiretribe Fotography

Hey I remember this place esp the chicken!!! Thanks Robyn for posting. I was brought here for lunch and the choices were just mouth watering.

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