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I was in Bandoeng in 1993 and don't recall ever having eaten this dish or seen it offered. Of course, I was there for only 2 (?) 3 (?) nights and could have missed it. But I think that this dish might be purely Malaysian. "Bandung" likely has another meaning in Malay/Bahasa. The word suggests a few things to me but I can't seem to pin down an alternate meaning...Mee of course is Fukienese for mien (noodle).


Oh, and of course even if a similar dish existed in Bandung when I was there in 1993-it probably wouldn't have been called Mee Bandung.

Just did a little googling. The dish is from Muar in Johor. The name bandung means "mixed together" (hmmm, I was thinking in another direction...)


Aargh... the gentleman seated next to us suggested the dish has Indonesian origins so I just assumed Indonesia-Bandung. My pocket Malay dxnary shows bandung (berbandung) to mean "a pair"? Any help, Malaysians (or Singaporeans -- I know the dish is available there too)?

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