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Will Thomson

Awsome. Ma-La was big in Xi'an too -- and the most initially off-putting, longterm addictive taste combination I've ever tried. Stranded in Ireland, where the spiciest thing on tap is Coleman's English Mustard, I'm now longing for a bowl of Pork+X.


Um, sorry you (and a lot of other folks) saw the post before it was finished, Will. The vagaries of blogging -- or of blogging in spite of general computer illiteracy!


Oooh...that chicken looks tongue-burning! o_O In Hong Kong, we were told that "la jiu yao" (Sichuan type chilli oil) were all they had. If we wanted cut fresh chillies, it was chargeable! Interesting how practices differ country to country!


Hi Sue, there are a lot more immigrants from northern China in Hong Kong than in Malaysia (and they have a longer history in HK) -- I think that explains the ready availability of lajiao you in Chinese restaurants there. We frequented a hole-in-the-wall shuijiao place when we lived in HK back in the early 90s ... lajiao you, the real thing, on every table! (they were good shuijiao, too!)

Eunice Pikuzinski

For a long time have been trying grow some
chines vegetables/flowers etc. My problem is that I cannot find any advice on growing.
A book by Geri Harrington 1978 Garden Way
Publ.Pownal, Vermont is out of print. I live in Maine its. cold in the winter. Biggest problem I cannot translate the names into a compatible latin or english variety, nor can I find a place to order seeds, plants, bulbs etc Any advice most welcome

Steamy Kitchen

My nose beaded with sweat just looking at the pics.


may i know the price range of the food? will it be expensive?


Lee - it's been a couple years so I don't remember exactly but I don't think it was expensive. However, if you're looking for these kind of northern Chinese-Sichuanese dishes there are better versions at a resto across the street called Dong Bei. Not expensive at all.


hey eunice!

sorry i don't have any chinese vegetable advise, but this is your childhood buddy elizabeth.
what's up?

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