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Bloody Hell - that joint wouldn't want to be at my station! I'd be a fat bastard in a week. It all looks so good. How does that stuff keep, btw?


Wow! It looks so rich and sweet! I love the colours and shapes Punjabi/Indian sweets come in! They're so pretty! Btw, I tagged you for the 23/5 meme, enjoy doing it! :)


It's Deepavali next month and I can't wait to visit my grandmother's house for some of those sweet stuff! I especially like the coconut candy, in pink and green hehe.


Sticky -- actually I find the deal with Indian sweets is they are all lovely to look at but not all are equally delicious. Some are a bit too *too* sweet and one-dimensional for my taste. They keep OK ... but tend to dry out a bit after a day or two. The balls soaked in sugar syrup (didn't get a pic -- gosh I love those) keep better.
Hi Sue ... well, I guess I have 23 now so why not. But do I really have to tag 5 other bloggers? I don't *know* 5 other bloggers who haven't already been tagged for it!
Tan -- lucky you, looking forward to homemade Indian sweets. Can you give me the names for any of this stuff?


The images are not close enough to distinguish, but since you described the first sweet as pure cashew, I am guessing that it is kaju katli (rather than a halwa or kalakand). The balls are ladoo (ladu, laddu etc). The chocolate bars are coconut burfi.


No worries about tagging another 5 ppl to do it. Can just blog about it and leave it at that like what Babe_KL did! Hope you have fun doing it. I really enjoy reading your blogs and looking at your superb photography! :)


Thanks Sue, will pass your compliments along to my husband Dave, as he is this blog's photographer!


pls post the recipes for the above sweets


Hi act i m looking forward to order gulab jamu from ur shop do you'll sell gulab jamu


Hi there. Can someone please advise me on where to buy varq in kl? It's also known as edible foil. It's the silver stuff you have on some indian sweets. Thanks :-)

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