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Loved reading this. Vietnam is definitely on my list of "must travel there soon" places. There is a Vietnamese restaurant in SLC that has fantastic coffee with sweetened condensed milk which I love. My other favorite is sour tamarind shrimp broth. I assume these dishes are pretty authentic since the owners of the place (Cafe Trang) are first generation immigrants. Anyway, I have learned to love Vietnamese food by eating there.


Excellent pictures! my fave's the roast pork. looks yum.


I'm going to read this in stages. Coffee is one of my passions, so have already noted down the address for my next trip to Saigon. Thanks!


I want to go. I really want to try out all the bun mam.

I tried making it myself. It was all right. I even shredded water spinach/striped morning glory/rau mun for it. If anyone has ever done it, you know the only right way is with a razor blade for really fine strands. If anyone has a better way, my poor fingers would appreciate the tip.

Anyway, if I can sample it at the source, I can see if I got it even close to right.




Hi Kalyn -- if you do make it to Vietnam I think I can guarantee the food will blow your mind. There's so much on offer there that never shows up Stateside. In the meantime -- enjoy your local restaurant!
Mumu -- glad you enjoy the photos! Can't take credit -- my "official" photographer for the site is Dave Hagerman.
Sticky -- honestly I can't even be sure if that coffee spot is still there, the way construction is booming on Han Thuyen St. But if you go, and it is, drop me a line and let me know. Some really nice folks, those coffee gals.
GK --- curious, how did you make the bun mam broth? I've never attempted it, myself.


Vietnam is truly a food heaven...not like Malaysia but really DIRT cheap GOOD healthy food. Was there in Saigon for near 4 yrs and i didnt put on a single ounce.

Not HANOI but in SAIGON or in CENTRAL like Danang, Nha Trang or even HUE. Hanoi food is lacking in texture and flavour.

Gigolokitty - to cut thinly, roll the vege tight and then slice them . Thats how the chef's cut them or like what i did...learn from the vendor. Trust me.. roll them and then slice.


I agree with you foodcrazee, about food in Vietnam ... and it's low-fat without even trying! I'm having to put in a few extra hours on the treadmill every week to keep the pounds off here in KL.
One thing KL has the upper hand in though -- variety in cuisines. I'm sure the situation in Saigon will improve in time, though. There's already a great Malaysian restaurant (Satay House on Mac Din Chi in Dist 1, if any locals are reading this. Go for the soto ayam pedas or the housemade curry laksa, Saturday lunches only).


More tips to follow up - cheers. Don't think I've visited Van Thanh market. That's one to swing by.

I didn't know the story behind Veggy's - thanks - have always found them a very pleasant bunch too. Didn't know they were opening overseas either.

Must admit I got a bit of a shock when I bought rhubarb there for the first time. I think it was around 200,000VD and just enough to make a crumble for four. Well worth it though when the British pudding pangs set in. Cheesehead noodlegirl always scores something obscure, French & stinky whenever she pops her snout inside that vast fridge.

As for fennel. I'm sure I've seen that elsewhere in town, but maybe I'm mistaking it for soemthing completely different. Pretty hooked on this weekly organic veggy delivery service at the moment and so it's just weekend salad we need from Veggys these days.


Thanks so much for recommending Nhu Lan. I had the bun rieu and it was yummy.

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