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Wow, have a really enjoyable trip, Robyn! I did a few features in my blog on Sydney food. Do give them a try, especially BBQ King on Sussex St, Chinatown and the Sydney Fish Market! :) Can't wait to hear about your trip!


There's loads of great asian places in Sydney so you can certainly blog about those!


There's loads of great asian places in Sydney so you can certainly blog about those!


Lucky you. I really enjoy reading your blog and the photos are amazing. I've only been to Hong Kong and Beijing, but I want to travel more in Asia.

Michael Harmer

If you make it to Canberra (well worth a day trip & my home town) then make sure you go to the Dickson Asian Noodle House in Dickson for the best laksa in the world. Truly. The other Canberra asian highlight has to be Chairman and Yip in Civic.

Have fun in Sydney and if you on the downtown side of Darling Harbour there (used to be/is) a restaurant called Chinta Ria in a funny wooden, round building. Lovely Malay/Chinese/Aussie food. Well worth a visit if you're nearby.



Have a big one.


Hey, I am still awaiting your first ever Filpino post-maybe you'll find a turo-turo in Sydney...?

Waiting anxiously for the next post,

P.S. I just got the Maxwell Street market photos in the mail!!! Thanks: great pictures!


Aaargh -- I'm reading all these comments and recommendations just after returning to KL. I truly did post this last one and leave for the airport about an hour later.
Sue -- did make it to the fish market and really pigged out. Wonderful!
Michael -- didn't hit Canberra this trip, though we were in Jervis Bay which I understand is a favorite wknd getaway for Canberra-ites? Next trip perhaps (there will be more, for certain).
Kalyn -- nice photos on your blog. I'd like to get in on the wknd herb fest thing.
RST-- glad to know the photos made it. What's an Asian slant on Maxwell so I can post it? ;-)
Aw the heck with it -- whether Australia is in Asia or not it was too delicious a trip not to post. Just waiting to get those slides developed...


you know the africa and it's people..

Michael Harmer

I'm glad you liked your trip and are looking forward to your stories.

Jervis Bay is technically part of the ACT (the territory that houses Canberra). Apparently all good national capitals need a port and so we got Jervis Bay. It is a bit of a favourite but further south is actually more common for visitors from Canberra.

If you do make it back to Oz and come to Canberra I can even organise a local guide (me) to accompany you to the Noodle House. Its impossible to eat there too often!


Canberra Laksa wars! :)

While I agree with Michael that the Dickson Noodle House Laksa is very good, I'd have to say that the Laksa at Madam Woo in kingston gives it a serious run for it's money. By far the best Laksa on the south side, if not all of Canberra.


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