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Hong Kong and China, that's where you get first class sullen service! :)


Grrr, Typepad, they've been making me so mad lately! Patience is a virtue, or so I hear.

As for sullen service, well, I think I already mentioned that when we were in Sydney that was always a low point in our dinners. Perhaps in the last two years that's changed a bit. I hope so -- it marred an otherwise perfect trip.

I'll be off celebrating Thanksgiving but can't wait to read your Sydney posts when I get back. Gobble, gobble!


Wonderful narration and beautiful photos. Love the look of the Spanish baked eggs above.



Happy Thanksgiving, Mr and Mrs Ex-pat. Turkey for dinner tonight? ;0)


Hi Paz -- suspect they'd be quite easy for you to whip up at home, if you've got some Spanish paprika. Let me know when the recipe appears on yr blog!

And a happy one to you, RST. We'll be partaking of the bird tmrrow night, at someone else's house. I wouldn't be doing the big Tgiving feast myself ... something about 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity that just doesn't get me in the mood (there's a reason Tgiving in in Nov, I think!). ;-)


Mmmmm salt and vinegar chips... Another combination I like is chips and mayonnaise - sublime!




Was looking through your archives and thought I might help you out with the bakery; it's called Bourke Street Bakery and I believe they have a book... not sure if its available internationally though.

Of course being such an old post you'll probably never read this...

Love your blog all the same.

Going to KL in Sept. and I can't wait!


Henry -- all comments are emailed to me. Thanks for reminding me of a really wonderful time in Sydney. And enjoy KL!

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