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Do you know, I think we at at Icebergs. I remember a decor so hip I wanted to puke, service that was pretty ratty, good food, and the rest is a haze -- I got so drunk in order to stomach day 8 with my hideous clients on our pan-Asian business trip that by the end of the night I was -- kid you not -- slurring. An evening I'd just as soon forget, and not all their doing.

Jamie from Sydney

I agree with your comments on Yoshii. Their lunch degustation menu is the best. I love their tuna with truffle essence! The dinner is not as nice (still very yummy), so you are not missing out that much.

Arthur's has great pizza! I'm glad that you found it. Which pizzas did you have?

If you enjoy seafood, next time you are in Sydney, you should try to visit the fish market. They are usually much better value and there are spots for picnic too.

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