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My god you can eat...

It's always pleasing when you find something you've previously avoided to be quite the edible marvel.

I'm quite like you, I prefer my offal somewhat 'disguised'. Crunching on a fallopian tube or two for breakfast is technically and emotionally demanding at the best of times. Minced in among a decent haggis I wouldn't think twice. But Asian style. It's a challenge.


i'm still a weak at heart for certain innards. but nevertheless, a pat for your adventorous spirit!


rokh -- good one! I guess I haven't cornered the market in innard-related puns!

And pieman, I'll take that as a compliment ... it's taken me decades to develop the stamina I have now. Haggis?hmmmm... I'm not sure. Perhaps given the right setting.


Your link for tongkee was wrong as that lead to a Korean website.


the la tang is great for current wet spells... really warms up the body and those tong kee tarts are certainly heavenly. can get the tarts from certain jusco outlets ie 1U & tmn maluri cheras (not sure about other outlets). check the non-halal meat section


I hadn't realised that it was the 1st time you'd actually enjoyed innards of this sort! Now we can move on to fallopian tubes and lungs etc. Yay!


Thanks for the tip babe in kl -- though I think my waistline dictates NOT seeking out those tarts too often!

Cupcake -- fallopian tubes???!!!! "AAAAAHHHH" (holding head and screaming and running far far away from you).

I'm just not *there* yet, I don't think.

FatMan Seoul

Next time in Seri Kembangan, try out Chen Fatt Restaurant (tel : 03-9486673). It's a great place for some traditional Hakka home-cooked food - specialities include chee pau kai (paper-wrapped chicken), taufu kang (tofu thick soup), polo pai kuat (pineapple ribs), and much much more. Darn I'm making myself hungry.


FatMan, love chee pau kai -- assume you've had it at Song Kee on J Imbi? Comparison notes? This rec goes in my notebook.


Actually I don't know if they are fallopian tubes or not, but they have a nice crunchy texture, and they are not small or big intestines - so I just made a wild guess! It's lovely fried with chives.

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