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FatMan Seoul

Hi Robyn, popped by from GH's noodlepie and after seeing your link on Harvard Online's article.

Good to see you blogging about Malaysian food, something close to my heart. I'll pop by later when I have more time and check out your other posts.

I've tried the aforesaid, but I'll stick to my all-time favourite beef noodle at Lai Fong (or was it Nam Fong) which is just opposite to Shin Kee. It's the pre-war corner coffee shop in front of the Hong Leong Finance (along the main road as you walk towards Kota Raya Complex). Let me know once you've tried it and you can do a beef noodle face-off showdown between Shin Kee, Nam Fong and the venereal beef noodles behind Kota Raya along the curved road of Jalan Silang (name I forget at this moment - but I think it's Soong Kee) near what was then known as the D&C Bank.


I echo what FatMan Seoul just said - it's Lai Fong. Don't forget Ngau Kee at Tingkat Tong Shin too.


FatMan and Shiewie -- noted. Will check out Lai Fong and other asap!


beef noodle my favourite! i'll wait for the verdicts before i go marching there!


WOW!!Just stumbled upon yr blog in my search for places to eat in KL.I've lived in KL all my life and have completely forgotten about this beef noodle place.In fact, you seem to know more nice places to eat than me.....how utterly disgraceful of me.Anyways,keep it up!!!it's a really refreshing take on food in kl.....

Patrick Wong

Hi Robyn,
Just returned to Toronto after spendindg 3 gastronomic weeks in KL.I ate almost all my favourite things including in all the beef noodle places mentioned by Fatman Seoul! Yeah Baby!Whilst Kl beef noodles are excellent, I also like the Vietnamese Pho which are truly good and are widely available here in Toronto.
I also went to Ipoh for some of their classics like Ipoh Kuay Teow, Pork Satay, Popiah and my fav, Curry Mee


Jean -- sounds like a case of taking for granted what you've known all your life. And it's worth noting that most of my info on where to snarf has coming from Malaysian friends. Were I to attempt this blind, I think I'd be too overwhelmed by choice (local recommendations are always best anyway, no matter where one finds oneself hungry).

Patrick -- tell tell the truth I'm not much of a pho-natic. I know its Vietnam's national dish and all but I always found more pleasure in other noodle bowls while I was in Saigon.
So, care to share other spots you hit whilst in KL? And in Ipoh? I'm all ears (er, eyes) ... and I feel a road trip coming on.

FatMan Seoul

Personally, I NEVER miss out on my "must-eat when in Ipoh" - lai liew har (mantis prawns) at the Ipoh Garden Food Court.

Nobody does it like they do - they mash the fragrant mantis prawn flesh (radically different in taste and texture from your standard prawns) into bite-size cutlets and deep fry them in batter. ABSOLUTELY HEAVENLY!!!

Patrick, pork satay, popiah and curry noodles at Birch Road (downtown) I presume? Followed by Ipoh hor fun and beansprouts at night?

Time to redeem my air miles.

Patrick Wong

Robyn,Had a excellent bowl of pork noodles at the "New Lay Sin" coffee shop in Brickfields.(This shop is just a few doors from the Sri Paandi banana leaf place).This pork noodle is one of the best I have tasted.In the same coffee shop is an Indian (Sri Lankan I was told)banana leaf stall that serves the best fried fish.
Fatman,No need to redeem airmiles.It was a pleasant 2 hour drive to Ipoh.The curry mee was in I believe Hugh Low Street( I am not sure what they call it now) next to the police station.Also had a cup of the best Ipoh 'white' coffee in another outlet downtown.You can forget about Starbucks!


Lai Foong's beef noodles somehow just won't agree with my stomach. But Ngau Kee and Shin Kee, especially the latter, are my favourites. I could down two bowls anytime, with chilli, of course! Yummm...


Fatman Seoul, your first comment. You mean Nam Heong? The shop, which is now a chain, famous for its chicken rice? It used to serve very good beef soup but I have not tried it lately. I wonder if they still have it. But I heard t its acquisition by a third party to expansion into a chain has made it lose its quality, both chicken and beef dishes alike.

FatMan Seoul

Bayi, nope not Nam Heong of chicken rice fame but Lai Fong which is famous for their beef noodles laced with salted vege and pork lard (opposite Hong Leong Finance, corner coffee shop along main road towards Kota Raya).

Patrick, forgot I blogged about Ipoh food some time back, including white coffee. Refer here if you're interested in what I had that day:



This is a food lover's blog; a reference and reasearch point before visiting KL / Malaysia / Singapore in future ;-)


hello people. i was looking through and WOW was i surprised. That's my mom! and the guy in green, my younger brother. Thanks for the support yo! and that pot o'love is really my personal favourite

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