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A great ending!


Good to the last drop?!!! ;) I always want to go there for lunch but the traffic and parking is quite a deterrent. There's pretty good prawn wantan, char siu at the end of the street (well sort of the road perperdicular to Jalan Alor) and also another good char siu place on Tingkat Tong Shin.


fabulous place huh? i've been frequenting this place for the past 10 years! in fact followed them around with their shiftings up and down Jalan Alor kakakaka. i also love their curry mee. try that next time ;-)


I love the name of the place - 'Sister drunken chicken mee'. It sounds like something a child learning to speak would say. You're right about the broth - it looks really rich. We are so used to clear broths here in VN.
Great post!


There's a similar version of these noodles (Foochow red wine chicken mee suah) in Taste Haven. It's really good too! I think they have branches in USJ, PJ State and if I'm not wrong, somewhere in Bukit Bintang area too!

FatMan Seoul

Ahhh ... I remember this. Yeah it's pretty good. I used to stop by here on my way to get my haircut (nearby, not in the coffee shop, silly!).

Darn all the good memories are flashing back this morning. How am I going to get any work done?


FatMan, where have you been all my blogging life? See what you started -- GH was inspired by FatMan and I was inspired by noodlepie.

FatMan Seoul

Oh yeah, by the way, I should add that anything cooked with lots of ginger and rice wine (such as this chicken soup noodle) brings to mind a typical meal prepared for a post-natal mother. The Chinese believe that a woman who has just given birth needs to consume lots of ginger to keep warm and keep the "wind" away. My 2 cents.

Rooster Rice Bowl

That is quite oily. I can cook awesome looking red wine mee suah too.

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