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Am I allowed to join? Or would that be cronyism bec I knew you before you started your blog?


I already sent one email. I was wondering though, would you allow me to send another?

I don't know why but I'm very very intrigued at what food possiblities could be sent.


I sent one last week. I guess I didn't win :0(


Is the competition still on? Hi, have just been 'introduced' to your blog via chezpim. I have NEVER felt such tingling of the tastebuds for the food from whence I was born, but have moved away from for the last 20 odd years. Congratulations to your dedication. Thank you thank you thank you! Here in Sydney it is possible to find pretty good Malaysian cuisine, especially of late. But obviously there are still heaps more yet to make it across the waters. Reading your blog must surely constitute as sado-masochism! So near and yet so far ... et cetera. Bravi, Robyn e Dave!


Hi Ben - the competition ended in Dec, unfortunately (and the winner never emailed me with thoughts about the prize - harrumph!).
At any rate - thanks for your kind words, we get alot of similar comments from Malaysians living outside the country, homesick for the tasty treats of the land of their birth. I think that speaks alot for the wonderful-ness of Malaysian food.

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