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you are so right. KL is Asia's premier chow city. Actually Penang is, but KL will do fine. I remember, a few years ago, the Asian WSJ ran a poll - the question was: Where can you get the best food in Asia - Hong Kong or Singapore? What a pointless question! The correct answer of course is Malaysia. Granted I'm a Malaysian but I'm not biased or anything. Malaysian food is the best in the world, especially when you factor in how cheap it is, and roti canai and dhal is the breakfast that they will serve in paradise.


There are dozens and dozens of such roti canai shops and stalls all over Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is indeed the chow city. As far as food is concerned, the city never sleeps. You can get a roti at even 4.00 am.

The menu for the various varieties of roti is so numerous that it is overwhelming. There is roti empat segi, roti majerin, roti bom, roti telur, roti bawang, roti pisang, roti masala, etc. There is even murtabak, where the roti is filled with either chicken meat or mutton.

And these are the most basic dishes in an Indian Muslim restaurant. There are many more exciting ones.


Crap la... I miss Malaysian food already, and all they brag about in Korea is Kimchi!! Bummer...


Hi. This post was excellent and it's been recommended by Blogsmalaysia! Keep blogging.


An enjoyabled read! Here's a tip: when you want a fresh, hot off the griddle roti canai, shout out "roti tiga segi!" (roh-tee tee-ger ser-ghee!"

This is quite funny, quite subsersive and quite common amongst those who frequent roti stalls, esp. at night.

Roti Tiga Segi means "Three-cornered roti". (giggle, giggle) Since they are usually either round or square, the waiter will make you a new plain roti, hot, fresh and hopefully crispy, just for you. (Same price also). Try it.

Ta da!


Vincent -- I feel your pain. As much as I enjoyed our recent trip to Australia, the first bite of Malaysian goodness after we got back to KL was very fine indeed. Keep your ear to the ground, there might be a good little Malaysian hole-in-the-wall somewhere. We stumbled across a pretty darn good Malaysian place in Saigon, where all the Petronas folks ate. Is there a Petronas office in Seoul? Call 'em up and ask where they go for a taste of home.

Minishorts (interesting "handle"!) -- thanks and welcome.

Aw-- I *love* tips like this! Keep 'em coming!

Phizackerly -- that is indeed a ridiculous question -- HK or Sing (snort!). But we must give some cred to Bangkok, it's a fine eating city as well. Just suffers from lack of variety available here. BTW can we assume you hail from Penang? ;-)

Well bayi, do tell (about the more exciting dishes), I'm all ears (eyes)! BTW I don't think you'll ever find me ordering roti at 4am. Those days are long gone, alas.


hey maybe we can go out n take food pics together !! :P


Thanks for reminding me of great Malaysian food! Not that we can't get anything decent in Melbourne, but nothing beats the hawker stalls! I love sardines, check out the sardine puffs I made recently:
I've seen the banana roti called Roti Bom...


No posts about the humble roti canai is complete without my presence.

Though the roti canai is heavenly, it is purported to be one of the unhealthiest things ever. It's a heart-attack inducing diet.

Be that as it may, the photos above were tantalizingly salivating. And the review was exceptional too. Here's a star for you. Bwahahahaha.


has anyone got a good roti receipe thanks

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