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its more than a blog to me... it is my daily entertainment source.... being away from home in far far land, looking at the familiar goodies really sustain me over here... keep it up.


hi, thanks for all the great food reports and pics. i am a malaysian working on a cruise ship and eveytime i am faced with horrible ship food, i dream about the stuff i read on your site. i can almost taste the food after reading. 7 more weeks till i am home and get curry and char koay teow, and nasi lemak, and wan tan mee, and....and..


You guys have done well I must say, with all that travelling around, and the various foodstuff. I guess there are foodstuffs that we do tend to take for granted in Malaysia, and you do bring out the best of them on your stories.

Incidentally, I am working in Korea, so I will be blogging about foodstuff that seems odd and interesting to me. Have a peep when you get time.

Cheers, and well done (again).

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