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Oh my goodness, the moment I read the title I knew where you were talking about! My uncle took me there for breakfast the last time I was there!! I really really miss Malaysian food.


It's also popularly known as the Jalan Chan Sow Lin fish head restaurant.


Isn't it wonderful that you can go on gastronomical adventures as such for a small price of RM60? :)


I'm going to be in KL in less than a week. I will be working through all your recommendations while I am there. I notice Malaysian-food aficionados can never resist mentioning how eye-stretchingly cheap the food is. Not only is it the best in the world - "and so cheap-one!"
Have you tried the PJ SS2 wai sik gai, for a very Malaysian dining experience?


Love those before and after shots.


Edward, why Jalan Chan Sow Lin? Is there a story behind that? And what's with the row of other fish head restaurants opposite?

phizackerly -- wai sik gai -- what is it? Elaborate please on the dish and location!

Yes this was amazingly cheap, but in all honestly Bangkok gets the title of cheap (and escellent) eats Asian capital, I think. A lovely noodle, soup or otherwise, will cost you just 25 baht (64 US cents) as compared to the average 3.50 RM (95 cents) for a noodle dish here. And fruit is much cheaper there -- just 10 baht (26 US cents) for a bagful from one of the roving vendors. A bag of teh o ais for 10 baht. Our Fri. dinners in BKK were at an Isaan grilled chicken place with an atmosphere much like Big Tree (busier street, though). A whole yummy charred chicken with blow-your-head-off spicy dipping sauce, a plate of greens (phak beung fai daeng), green papaya salad (somtam), grilled beef salad (nya nam tok), and 2 big Heineken beers for 250 baht
(U$ 6.41)!!! Usually enough chick left over for tah pow.

Don't get me wrong, not complaining, but I do sometimes wonder why the large differences in price between street food in Bangkok and street food in KL (and Saigon -- much more expensive than Bangkok).


Jalan Tiga is off Jalan Chan Sow Lin & most people know where Jalan Chan Sow Lin is. That's probably why it's often referred to as Jalan Chan Sow Lin fishhead restaurant. The one you went to is probably the original one, which is also the one frequented by all whom I know. However I cannot confirm if it's the original. I haven't tried the ones opposite, so am not in the position to comment. Would not be surprised if they are imitations. There are also a few imitations in PJ, including one in Sea Park.


Edward, thx for the info. I say, why eat an imitation if the real thing is right across the street?


we named this place jalan tiga fish head, simply loved this place. hahaha john krich moved to KL from HK after covering KL a few years back. the friedchillies guys made him called me for some info on the eateries around KL


I'm glad this place is still around. When I used to work in the heart of KL (Jalan Sultan Ismail), this would be one of the places we'd go to for a treat. Meantime, a few "lookalikes" have opened up at Paramount, PJ and also at SS 2, I think. They all serve the same steamed fish, vege but are slightly different in cooking styles as compared with the original Jalan Tiga off Jalan Chan Sow Lin. Seems that some of the relatives of the original restaurant opened up the branches.

A comment about Bangkok prices.
You are right that road-side food in Bangkok is cheaper. However, when you look at the serving size (miniscule!), and you need to eat 2 bowls to fill up, then you'll find it is actually more expensive.
I've asked locals why the servings are so small-they explained that the Thai's eat 5 meals a day, instead of the usual 3 meals. I think that there is truth in that, but because the average wage/earning power of local Thai people is less than it is here in KL, the street vendors can't possibly charge more than 200 - 250 baht.
Also depends on the area where you are at-Silom, Sukhumvit, are usually pricier than the more outskirt areas.

Finally, don't get me wrong, I LOVE the food in Bangkok, the pad thai, stewed pork rice, som tam, are among my favourites.


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