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i've been to dim sum in jln ipoh for dinner. not too bad.


you're killing me here! I need to home. Right now. I have to eat! Malaysians abroad don't eat, they merely consume nutritional substances in order to survive long enough to catch the next MAS flight back home.


Our family used to live in Jalan Ipoh when I was young. Those were the days when people were not aware of cholesterol. My mum used to send us out with a big round metal tray to buy tim-sum from this place for late night supper.

Our favourites were the big bao (for the skin mainly), cha xiu bao and the lo-mai-kai (that's what we call the glutinous rice dish). In fact my brother loves the cxb so much his nickname was cha-xiu-cai or cha-xiu boy- his record was 18 pieces in one seating.

Years later, I introduced my husband to KL-style street dim sum and it was a revelation to him, used as he was to the pallid and insipid versions in Singapore. Sometimes when we are back in KL, he would suggest to my brother that they go to the barber, it really is an euphemism for "on the way back we can tar-pow some big bao and lo-mai-kai."


The photos are really fantastic, as usual.


Mouth watering descriptions! I only wish I could get tai bao (big bao) with real meat filling here :-(


C'mon phizackerly, there must be *something* worth eating in Hong Kong? I remember the wonton mee as being quite decent, and what about roast goose?

Oh, wonderful story, umami! But, do pple care about cholesterol now? Often in KL it seems that no one does!!

Thanks Kalyn. This place was particularly photogenic ... there are so many more shots I would have loved to have used, but you gotta draw the line somewhere!

Cin -- a tai bao-less existence. It sounds very sad indeed (love the most recent cat pic on your blog, BTW).


I am sure if I were not a Malaysian, I would think that HK was food paradise.


i always love this kinda simple fare. reminds me of food from Taiping, my hometown in Perak. just bout 45 mins from ipoh

Nearby residents

DEC06-Jan 07

Lately their Pau is horrible, they call Lan Pau- broken skin after steam. Moreover the increase of price and quality is getting worst

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