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If you're in Taman Tun, you really should check out the Nasi Kandar Penang stall at night. It is at the row of shops directly in front of Pizza Hut/IBM. Have a shot at the Nasi Briyani and Mutton soup if you want to get the cholesterol count up ~ for whatever reason. They have another branch near the Petaling Jaya HSBC too, which is also a good place to be at night, since it's well lit and has a pretty decent atmosphere.

Happy New Year.


Hmm.... isnt fiddlehead = pucuk paku or one of the species ?

What fiddlehead in S'wak are you talking about ? I'm just curious!


Thanks Vincent, I always appreciate recommendation! Nasi kandar is on my list, haven't sampled it yet.

Hi foocrazee, fiddleheads are the uncoiled fronds of ferns. Every variety of fern has fiddleheads, though of course not all varieties' fiddleheads are edible. The tight coils I'm hankering after get to about 2 inches in diameter, and they're wonderful roasted with mushrooms! They're much sturdier than the whole fern stems you can buy here. (If you click the link to my earlier post, you'll see that the bali ferns pictured there are also more substantial than what's found here, though still not my ideal fiddlehead!). I heard you could find them in Sarawak, though that's not been confirmed. I've eaten them in Bhutan (in cheese sauce, yummy), but unfortunately that's too far to fly just for a veggie!

This link has a decent photo of what I'm talking about: http://tomuphoto.com/gallery/spring/Christmas_fern_fiddleheads


i would really want to try this salad out. thanks for the recommendation.



thanx for the info. It will hard to find the species u want. Anyway,

Happy New Year to ya.


When next in this neck of the woods, drop me an email :). Will take you to my favourite coffee joint (I live a little more than a stone's throw from Muhibbah), IF you have not been already - the Coffee Hut, showcases local coffee powder from almost all states in Malaysia!

Plus they have delish satay at the mamak nearby too!

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