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Nice pic and comment. Keep up the good work.


Hi Robyn,

Glad to see someone is doing a blog properly, not like my sad neglected effort. I really have to go eating with you, seriously. Next time I am in the region, if I head your way, will promise to take me around and make me even fatter, pretty please? Keep the fires burning and all that!


There's a reason why Malaysians are the most obese nation in South-East Asia...


This area behind Bukit Bintang serves some of the best hawker food in Kuala Lumpur. I wouldn't know where to start when I go there for a meal. Fish balls, beef noodles, char siew, seafood noodles, pan mee, steamboat porridge, yum yum yum........


i love this kind of simple food as it reminds me of food from my hometown in Taiping, up at Perak, bout 45 minutes from Ipoh


I believe hawker food is the signature feature of Malaysian tourism. Go to any local coffee shop and you will find some stalls/booths selling hawker food. No hawker food will mean no business for the shop!


Thanks for checking in on the site, foodcrazee!

Vivian -- certainly, anytime, let me know when next you're in the 'hood.

phizackerly -- is this true? Malaysians the most obese SE Asians? Must be why I'm so comfortable here, being from the world's number one country in obesity! ;-)

bayi - steamboat porridge ... where do you recommend? RE your other comment .. the problem is the Malaysian tourism authority is not doing enough to promote the food here. For many foreigners outside of Asia "Malaysia" doesn't even register as a place to go to eat well (Thailand, Vietnam, Singapre, yes -- Malaysia no). Must post on that.

rokh -- Taiping is most definately on our list of must-go places. Popiah there are supposed to be heavenly, right?


I am very happy to know that they are still there...I lived in the area (Jln. Tengkat Tong Shin) for about ten years ago. I miss Malaysia! I miss Roti canai, pan mee, tosai, assam laksa, BBQ chicken wings,魚生, ABC, nasi lemak, sui kao, duck rice...

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