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You seem to have a knack for choosing the best fare. Yep, nyonya kuih is the best among the kuih varieties. There are people I know who are nuts over nyonya kuih. Talk about it and they will drool....

You have pictured here some of my favorite varieties. Coconut milk makes the kuih aromatic and delicious but sugar is an important ingredient. Apart from those in the photos, there are varieties where red beans, corn and many other ingredients that make eating kuih a most wonderful adventure!


Yummy!! The spongy brown cakes are called "kuih apam", pandan coconut cup is "kuih kosui" and the coconut base-pandan topped kueh is "kuih seri muka" (btw, it's not a coconut base. It's glutinous rice cooked in coconut cream). Not too sure about the brown coconutty kuih with burnt topping of brown sugar but it sounds like "kole kacang" Could be wrong though! There are lots more kuih varieties to try! *wink*


Mmmmm, kueh! Thanks for all these delicious images!


Agree on nonya kueh being the best, particularly those from the north (penang, kedah etc.) Have you found kueh-mueh from Malay vendors to be significantly different from Chinese kueh? Here's a link http://www.shiokadelicious.com/shiokadelicious/2004/06/kueh_kueh_kuih_.html#more to Renee's (of shiokadelicious fame) post on Singaporean style kueh. Great pix and commentary but I have to say I much prefer Malaysian-style nonya kuih. Completely different animal even though they look very similar. I do miss all that wonderful kueh - only kind we can get here in SF is the Vietnamese variety. Again, a different animal.


Have you ever consider making any of the kuih yourself?


Bayi -- I can't take much credit .. I usu. work off of recommendations (Malaysians are so generous with directing us to their faves) ... and go where the crowds go. I know it must be possible to find bad food in KL, but I just don't know where!

Sue -- thanks for the kuih-ducation! Will head back and correct my post now!

Mary -- I never took a shine to Vietnamese sweets, I must admit. So it was pretty easy to stay "on the wagon" while we lived in Saigon.

BT -- is that a hint? ;-)


If you are serious, I can get recipes from my mum (from north Msia - Penang/Kedah).

Mia aka The Skinny Epicurean

I love nonya kuih - especially kueh dadar. But really, anything glutinous and coconutty is good to me!


Heyas! Ack, Kuih is the staple Sunday tea at home. I'm studying in India now, So I really miss all this. I like how the traditional kuih category has expanded to include modern kuih. for example, a popular kuih during Raya is "Kuih Batik" named for it's catik like appearance. The chief ingredients are Marie biscuits and Milo, and it is delicious!

sweet tooth

Kueh Kueh ! Yummy kueh! more pictures to trigger off your taste buds



Geez.. i live 1000's of KM away from KL and seeing all the kuih pictures makes me feel DEPRESSED


Can any1 pls send me a recupe of kueh makmur before hari raya n other delicios delicacies....thx.

Lynda Lee

Hi, does anyone have receipe for kaya, pulut tai tai, and onde onde?


Aha! I know that kuih seller outside Nam Chuan. He's the best! My family has been frequenting his stall for the past decade or so.

Alfred Chew

Excellent information. Thanks for promoting Nyonya Kueh/ Nyonya Kuih :)


Hi! Does anyone know the name of the tapioca kuih (yellow in colour with brown crust on top) and its cousin, white in colour with brown crust?



@Kelly, I think the yellow tapioca kueh with brown crust is called bingka ubi

These kueh are totally making me drool..

I'll have to try the kueh dadar next time I go back to Malaysia, they look really yummy.. if only we could buy them in Sydney!


Thanks for those mouth-watering Kuihs online. I could almost lick the screen! Is it ok to ask you for the recipes? These are my favourites. Kuih ketayap, kuih lapis, kuih kosui, Tapioca cake (Binka Ubi?)
I am a Malaysian who lives and work in the UK for 36 yrs and totally starved of nyonya kuihs.


Where is Nam Chuan Kopitiam and that Rest. Fook Yun? Thanks for recommending. Will start hunting them tomorrow. Muaahhhhahahaha!!!!

elizabeth fernandez

I would like the receipe for seri muka and onde onde please.


I am so very proud of my cousins (Aroma Nyonya), they always strive for excellence in their kuih.

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