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Yum, I LOVE roti. one of my favourite memories is of going to the night market with dad to pick up roti and dhal and fishhead curry. I used to be mesmerized by the way the roti man would flip the dough into such a thin sheet.


What you call "roti" has defined subcategories in India. You are looking at the KERALA PAROTTA (sic), not paratha! This is made from a well-beaten dough and is a close cousin, but NOT identical to the roti canai and martabak, a variant of which is known as "moghlai paratha" in West Bengal and "baida roti" in Mumbai. The Bengal & Mumbai or the Sri Lankan versions are similar but have important differences, too.

Anyway, you have been treated to a very slightly modified Kerala Parotta here!! Perhaps one day you may have the opportunity to taste the Kerala version & write of your experiences.

It would be interesting to find out where this specific family of fried breads originated. Probably from breads baked on the SAJJ, as in RUMALI ROTI. Lebanon has many examples of diverse SAJJ baked breads.

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