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Wow, you guys. I don't think I've ever left a comment this dumbstruck-sounding before (at least not to my knowledge), but I was so impressed by the "you are there"-ness of this post that I went back and read the last bunch, and...they're all like that. Where have I been all this time? Anyway, great work, photos, text, everything! OK, I gotta go find a roti canai...


We should go to Bidor next - duck in herbal soup with noodles. In the good old days before the North-South highway was built, that was the highlight of our car journeys from Penang to KL.


Gorgeous pics, especially the two bicycle ones and the first CKT shot.

Was the Char Kuay Teow fried in lard ;)?

This style of freshly made chee cheong fun with stuffing is called Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun (Heong Kong if you're using the Cantonese accent) - guess it must have been adopted from Hong Kong. There's quite a nice one in Seaview (a double coffee shop in PJ Section 20 - good pork noodles too - there's crispy crackling in it. Oh joong there is pretty nice too). There's a similar snack in Vietnam - ate it at Ben Thanh market but can't remember what it's called.

Mama BoK

Wow..!! i sure envy you guys..!!


again, you guys leave me drooling. that kuey teow looked and sounded absolutely amazing. thanks! looking forward to more kampar adventures!


Well, if there was ever a meal to get up for, this one sounds worth every bit of sleep lost!


Thanks MEM, flattery will get you everywhere! ;-) Nice blog, BTW.

Ah cupcake, so many "should eats" so little time.

Shiewie, thanks for the tip... though I don't know what oh joong is.

Quentina, if I'd packed all our Kampar eats into one post the thing would take too long to download! So, to be continued....


I agree !! bidor duck noodle soup is my family trip higlight too when we go back to our home town penang. Well even after the new highway was built, we still take our 1 hour off to have our nice lunch there !!


It will be useful if the names and telephone numbers of the restaurants are also listed and a map to accompany for easy finding.


Well done! This article is well written and the pictures are very good. It makes me missed my hometown esp the wantan mee, one of the best in the world across Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore and Europe.

Replication of the foods in KL fails to deliver its essence.

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