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Sounds fun. How long does it take to get to Temerloh from KL?


what a a great write up on Temerloh's market! Man, those string hoppers (puttu mayam) do remind me of my childhood days in Klang. I'm enthralled by your photos and tickled pink by your writings.

Happy New Year! wishing you more great blogs and fantastic dining experiences in 2006.

PS. seems you got ahead of yourself: 31 Jan 2006?:)


Duh! It takes 1 hr and 45 mins. I just re-read your write up.



I can just picture your stroll down the road with boisterous street vendors left and right and the scent of fired up grills and salted fish. Compliments to the photographer, the pictures are amazing.

I'm curious about one thing, how did that street vendor brew the coffee or was he just selling the grinds? Or more generally, how do they brew coffee in Malaysia?


Hi Orchid, glad you liked the post. I *love* love love this market, and the best part is Malaysia is full of little treasures like this. Got another coming up soon.
Jan 31 - doh! Gotta see abt fixing that...

Cupcake, if it was 3 hours it would be worth the effort. Just go early ... hardest part is rolling out of bed while it's still dark, but we try to be on the road outta KL by 6:45am.

Hi Gerald, this vendor just sells ground coffee. But you can get the brewed stuff at the coffee shop I mention, or with your sate.
Coffee in Malaysia (the *real* stuff I mean, not talking Starbucks here!) is brewed in a "sock" suspended in hot water. The water is poured through the sock again and again to get the most from the grounds. It's usually dark and thick, some take it straight and others with condensed milk. Lots of what is produced here is of poor quality, we've learned in the last few wks that there are a some small-scale growers in the country who do it right, and sell their product to individual coffee shops. I've got a coffee post coming up. Thanks for dropping by!


Hi Robyn - Interesting picture of East Coast palm sugar there - have not seen it that color before. Only time I use it is for Gula Melaka (sago pudding) that I bring to every potluck. Always a great hit. Unfortunately I have not been able to find Malaysian palm sugar here in SF - just the lighter less fragrant style from Vietnam/Thailand. Well, today we went to Milan in Berkeley and lo and behold they had some from Sri Lanka (they call it jaggery - not exactly the same thing but close enough!)


For the life of me, why have I not ever tried those long pancakes ~ being a Malaysian. Sounds delicious. And the laksa looks so different. It will be a treat to try what you blogged here...


there used to be a place at the jaya supermarket in section 14, PJ, that dished up a version of laksam. i've only ever tried it there before, so can't vouch for the authenticity of it, & indeed, given that this was a good few years ago, have no idea if the shop is still there or not. it's an actual shop inside the shopping complex, a few doors on the right along from the main entrance.

the satar sounds a lot like otak-otak - similar?


Mmm....what a great write up and photos! More, more, more!!


Ha ha! I must know: did you ever brave the corn/chocolate combo?


temerloh adalah sebuah bandar yang akan menjadi metropolis


That buah Kuran you mentioned.

I positively sure that is Buah Keranji ( Dialium laurinum ) which is native to Southeast Asia.

I used to enjoy it so much when I was small, sold in abundance at any pasar in my hometown Kota Bharu, but never know how the tree looks like.


A very Best Place to see, my village...i go there everyday after school when i was a teenager.


Makes me want to go back to my hometown.
As a child, I remember getting excited everytime my parents announce that we'll be going to this Pekan Sehari.

I still do get excited, and it's a shame that I haven't visited this Pekan Sehari for quite a few years now. *sighs*

Anyways, I greatly recommend anyone to experience this long long "pasar" :D

Have fun!


this is so cool!

i never thought anybody would be interested in writing about the pekan sahari

i used to go thre when i was a child

i am too busy to go thre now.....


I'm from Temerloh but I'm studying overseas at the moment. You just reminded me how much fun pekan sehari along the river can be! I have to admit i never knew the names of all those delicacies you mentioned! I'm back in Temerloh for holidays now and I'm definitely going to go to the next Pekan sehari with my dad! great review!

siti nor farahin

its a great pekan sehari at temerloh. other palce are having something like that is at paya pilai. somewhere in temerloh on suterdat evening that we call 'pasar malam'. who want to go there, you can contact me at 0194321125. see you..

siti nor farahin

i am sorry, that not we call a paya pilai... but PAYA PULAI... I LOVE TEMERLOH VERY MUCH...

Johari Abu Bakar

Temerloh is my home town. Never miss any happening.


Ya.. i also love temerloh very much. That's my hometown.


great review.pls come during ramadan,u will be spoilt for choice for amazing range of food!

paye pulai(tongak)

moh ke temerlh weh!!!!!!


Ramadhan is coming and prepair to 'ambush' Pasar Ramadhan Temerloh

Abdullah Basri

what the great previews!
i haven't know since my father-in-law(Pak Ngah)asked me to open this blog! surprise!:P

Thanks for all.especially the editor of ths blogger~~


Are durians available in February?
I will be there.

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