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Peter Goh

I am pleased to have come across this write-up on Temerloh's Pekan Sehari by chance. Although I now live in Queensland (Australia), I still call Temerloh my hometown. I was born there in 1956 and left it in 1974, although I had been back once in 1991. My mother used to take me to Pekan Sehari in the 1960s, and I always got her to buy me buah keranji (farid correctly identifies this).


i`ve have lot of memory at t`loh. that my hometown. long live tmn sri kerinau

Random Reader

Pahang River is not the Malaysian Longest, its the peninsular longest, The Malaysian longest is Rajang River.

bt3 place

i love temerloh..it was my home town n i love all food malaysian.. :P

bt3 place

i love temerloh..it was my home town n i love all food malaysian.. :P

Account Deleted

The one who's selling nasi lemak next to sate is my mum :) - canopy-covered family operation selling nasi lemak (rice steamed in coconut milk and served with a choice of meat, fish, and vegetable dishes)- It's a three generation weekend business. Good write up ... Thanks


Mohamad, thanks for your comment. It's a small world (and smaller, since the advent of blogs). Will look for your mum's nasi lemak stall next time we hit the market.

Account Deleted

ni buat koy tak sabor ngat nok balik ni...


temerloh memang best!


bulan pose ni...molek ngat mcari juadoh buke kat bazar ramadhan temerloh @ pepulei...

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