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Robyn - You always seem to be on vacation gallavating around South East Asia! (or are these really just day trips?)

I really like the picture of the young monks.


I most like the faces of these little boys. You captured them very well!! but the thing is they don't seem very happy...:( is this usual in Thailand? I mean , unhappy children..

have a good week


Hi Gerald -- it's just that we've a surfeit of public holidays the end and the beginning of the year. East coast Malaysia was Christmas week, and this Thailand trip was Chinese New Year week, with three weekday holidays in a row. Though I'd love to always be galavanting (and eating) around Asia, we'll be sticking close to home for awhile with fewer holidays over the next few months.

Banu - these little guys are monks (novices) doing their morning rounds to collect food donated by the public. After the food is placed in their bowls, they chant a blessing over the head of the person who donated (who is kneeling and "wai-ing" in front of them). It's all solemn business. But visit a wat when these kids aren't studying or otherwise working and you'll find them goofing around like any other kid. Thais in general are very playful, always ready to joke and have a laugh.

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