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wow, i am here through egullet and being from k.k. originally, your words and pictures bring me right home. especially the ones of the kopitiam and the warm looking cook with the perfect lipstick on! those are my favourite places to eat when i go home (which has been way too long). you and your husband are doing a fabulous job. thank you! this is now bookmarked and i'll be checking in frequently.


Hi Quentina - wow, thanks for the nice comments! Any foods you miss in particular? We'll try to cover them to make you feel at home. :-)
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hi robyn! now that is a question that has a huge answer...lol. oh, there are so many food things i miss and can't get here in vancouver. i grew up in sabah and the rojak there i remember is not a salad, but a noodle dish with vermicelli, shredded chicken and tofu, sprouts and of course, slices of hard boiled egg and a big mound of peanut sauce over it. we would squeeze some kalamansi over it all, or some vinegar and it was one of my favourite lunches. i also remember going to the night markets and having something called "kapiang". it was a pancake that was crispy on the outside and spongy on the inside with crushed peanuts, sugar and butter. delicious! i miss the fresh coconut juice, the sugar cane juice, the kalamansi and preserved plum drink. oh, and don't even get me started on the various kuehs and the hot fresh sweet tofu straight from the huge urn that we would get from the markets. the laksa and the simple noodle and meatball soups just aren't the same here.

i am suddenly starving now. lol. happy eating!!


Oh my. That's it. Next Christmas, it's back to Malaysia to eat as much as I can. The family can go hang and cook their own bloody turkey.


u showing me a part of a world so far and attractive that the only thing I feel to write is thank u very much



Re: cantonese fried mee. Try Yook Woo Hin restaurant on Petaling Street. This is an old establishment, open for morning dim sum and lunch only. There is a seafood version and a 'mixed meat' version. The mixed meat traditionally had organ meats in it. Other specialities here are the char siew and pork stomach in pepper soup.


My husband is from KT and chancing upon your blog give me fond memories whenever we are back to his hometown. Will be going back again in Aug. Any good places to recommend? I like nasi dagang especially.


Kin Sang

I am currently pursuing a girl from KT...I will be going to KT very often..love leads me there.. :)

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