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Edward Lee

Hi Robyn. Try this stall that I used to frequent a lot - Ah Sang Bak Kut Teh, No.531, Jalan SS9A/12, Seri Setia, Sungai Way, 47300 Petaling Jaya. Go early before they run out of the "cong you fan" (fragrant rice).


Thanks Edward, that's a bit closer than Klang. How early is early? Is the rice fragrant with pork broth or...? I thought I detected a bit on our rice in Klang, but wasn't sure if I was tasting the bak kut teh soup instead.


Brilliant post - made me long to be back in Malaysia.

As regards the medicinal bit - I bring those teabag-type packets of bak kut teh spices back to the UK with me, and make it for when the weather's particularly cold. I don't know about curing arthritis and bone-strengthening, but I do find that it's brilliant for making you warm in cold weather - much more so than a regular soup.


ah - you've finally discovered bak kut teh! one of the best things in life is a bak kut teh breakfast on a lazy, rainy KL morning.

i concur that ah sang bak kut teh is good, & i'd say try to go by 1 or 2 p.m. yam rice, or even just oil rice (rice cooked in a bit of oil, shallots & garlic) goes well with bak kut teh.

i, too, have a stock of bak kut teh spice packets with me here in the UK! (although i recommend pepping packet soups up with some fresh spices - say, lots more garlic, sichuan peppercorns, a cinnamon stick or two, soy sauce etc.)


bak ku teh!! one of my most missed comfort meals. when i was a kid, i used to put spoonfuls of rice into my bak ku teh and devour the bowl of porky, herby goodness. there really is nothing like that broth. reminds me that i too, have some packets of bak ku teh in my kitchen that needs some attention. thank you, serena, for the suggestion of adding more spices.


Ahhh Robyn, one of the many things I miss about living in Southeast Asia... Looks I am headed that way in March so will get to once again have the breakfast of champions.

louis lee

every body must try........KEE HEONG BAH KUT TEH AT KLANG TMN ENG ANN..the best in world men!!!!


Hi there, i think this bak kut the is located nearby another famous BKT. it is called Klang Lek Bak Kut Teh. I think you have missed out the chance to try this shop instead as it is older compare to this one you taste.

Even Andy Lau's wife as well as one HK TV eating showbiz came down to feast in Klang Lek Bak Kut


everybody must go try KEDAI MAKANAN TECK SEONG if u like bah kut teh alot!! They served the best bah kut teh in the world man! Seriously! it locate at Taman Rashna Klang, near the ING tower...


juz a reminder that the construction zone you mention in your directions of the route to TPBKT is already now a newly constructed overpass. So the proper instruction now would be to keep to the left the traffic light's still there, only that a new overpass is built over it. Btw, did you recall seeing a two-block condominium painted with blue and white from this traffic light i'm talking about?? I stayed at the housing area around there. You should be proud of yourselves for successfully locating Teluk Pulai and a shop within, coz i think itz hard for outsiders to trail this route.


My Gosh... Medicinal Pig is such a horrible name for Bak Kut Teh... But it's still one of my favourite foods.... Sob sob now in UK preparing a Bak Kut Teh costs a lot here...


hey guys,if you're ever passing thru Rawang town,try Ong Chai bak kut teh just off the Highway on the way to rawang town..it's on your left opp the first Petronas station on your left..amazing dry type and really good regular soup type..I have it a few times a week..

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