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Gosh, am I ever so glad to find out that it's not frowned upon when I liberally help myself to the accompaniments! Love the stuff though I've only ever had it in food courts in shopping centres.


Yum! I haven't had that dish in ages. I think I'll be making myself some soon.


looks very yummy! I love to be Tied Up with Thai food. :)



Can you handle phet phet


Hi cupcake. Well, knowing Thais, no one would tell you if you were being a greedy pig anyway (that can be both good and bad).

Orchid, ditto! I luv luv luv Thai food!

Onigiri, what kind of curry do you make to go with your k.j.?

Gerald, I spent a year each in Sichuan and Thailand. Phet phet is my middle name. Bring it on baby!! ;-)


This article is right on the money. I lived in Thailand for ten years in my youth. We used to drive down to Hua Hin and on the stop off at the roadside stalls to eat. My favorite was knom jeen with the plain sweet peanut-based sauce. It must be Chinese in origin, since "knom Jeen" means "Chinese candy".



i form thailand aslo!!Now i study in Malaysia(Ipoh)


Hey I remember this dish from Thailand - only had it once and it was one of my favourites the whole trip!

I would love to make it myself and have found a recipe but what actually is "kanom jeen"? Can you buy it outside of Thailand (I'm in New Zealand).

Any help would be heaps appreciated!


Hi Paul -- KJ are noodles made from a semi-fermented rice flour dough or batter. You can see the traditional process for making them here (this is num ban chok in Cambodia, but it is essentially the same noodle):
http://eatingasia.typepad.com/eatingasia/2008/08/about-eight-hou.html AND http://eatingasia.typepad.com/eatingasia/2008/08/num-banh-chok-r.html

I've found that Japanese somen noodles are a good substitute. They should be cool, not warm, when the curry is ladled over. Just cook and drain them -- they will stick together which is fine. Or you can form them into coils while they are still wet, as in the posts above. David Thompson ("Thai Food") has a great recipe for KJ nam mgiaw.


My mum's making Kanom Jeen right now :) but we are in England (my mum is Thai) hehee :D I love the stuff, it tastes amazingg. but obviously the recipe differs between different parts of Thailand I guess or even just the person making it :) still.. Kanom Jeen and Guaytiaow are my two favourite Thai noodle dishes :)

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